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Migrastatika a invazivita nádorové buňky

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doc. RNDr. Jan Brábek, Ph.D.


Autorský kolektiv: Mgr. Aneta Gandalovičová, doc. RNDr. Daniel Rösel, Ph.D., Professor Victoria Sanz-Moreno BSc, MSc, PhD, prof. MUDr. Luboš Petruželka. CSc., doc. RNDr. Jan Brábek, Ph.D.

In solid cancers, invasion and metastasis ac­count for more than 90 % of mortality. However, in the current armory of anticancer therapies, a specific category of anti-invasion and antimetastatic drugs is missing. The concept of ’migrastatics’ allows the development of a new drug class that is neither cytotoxic nor antiproliferative but is solely directed towards inhibition of cancer cell motility. Given that the regulatory pathway is open, and migrastatic candidates have been described, it is the right time to enter a new era of antimetastatic treatment.

The recent regulatory guidance: considerations for metastasis-free survival endpoint in clinical trials, opens new opportunities in cell biology, medicinal chemistry and advanced imaging. Past failures are the likely result of equating tumor shrinkage to efficacy, rather than inhibition of tumour spread. In the futu­re, the selection of anti-metastasis drug can­didates will probably be based on anti-mig­ratory rather than anti-proliferative potential. Oligometastatic cancer coupled with advan­ced imaging can serve as a clinical proof-of­-concept model.

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  • doc. RNDr. Jan Brábek, Ph.D. – Migrastatika a invazivita nádorové buňky_Jan Brábek


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